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Portrait of Chris painted by mentor Robert Daley

Saint Francis and the Wolf of Gubbio - Terracotta 1990

Detail from "Calabria Countryside" Pittsburgh Playhouse mural


Chris is currently an award-winning art director and fine artist in Pittsburgh, PA. He majored in graphic design at LaRoche College with a concentration in fine art; spending a semester in Florence, Italy, in an intensive art and art history program. There he fell in love with the Italian Renaissance and it's artists. Art is a life-long pursuit and passion for Chris and he continues to be mentored in the traditional working methods of the old masters by Robert Daley, a prominent Pittsburgh portrait artist.

Chris has created notable commissions including a 10’ x 10’ altarpiece and a sculpture for Saint Winifred Parish. The sculpture of Saint Francis is larger-than-life-sized scale; one of the largest outdoor terracotta sculptures in the Pittsburgh area. Another religious piece publicly displayed is a portrait of Saint Philip Chris created for his parish in Crafton.


Chris painted a large-scale mural of a whimsical Italian countryside spanning 80' wide x 4' high. It was created for a private cafe in Oakland's former Pittsburgh Playhouse. The mural is currently out of public view since the Pittsburgh Playhouse was sold. Fortunately the piece was professionally photographed and reproductions of details of the mural are preserved and available for sale.

Artist Statement

"I aspire to create a sublime experiential feeling of sight and emotion, capturing life’s joyous meaningful moments… a wedding day, a child’s first ride on a carousel, a young girl picking wild flowers. My technique is intentionally painterly, using minimal yet expressive brushwork to add an inherent kinetic quality."

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